Easy way to measure honey & other sticky ingredients

OK, several of the people who have attended my meal planning classes have requested that I put the baking tips and tricks I share in the class on this website so I thought I would start adding those.  These are basically things that help making things faster, healthier and of course, more simple.
The one I’m going to share today is something that  wished I would have known years ago!  When cooking or baking with sticky things such as honey or peanut butter or molasses, spray the inside of the measuring cup with cooking spray before you measure your sticky ingredient. (I use olive oil in my Misto since it saves a ton of money, doesn’t have any preservatives or chemicals like the cooking sprays in aerosol cans and keeps your shopping list shorter since you most likely already have olive oil on your list.)

It’s like magic when the honey just slips right out!  Yay! (OK, maybe I get over excited about these kinds of things but I always appreciate a good life hack to keep things more simple!)

No more wasting half of your molasses while trying to get it from the bottle to your cookie batter and then wonder how accurate that measurement actually was!

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