My Organizing Services

I am a professional organizer and depending on my schedule and the number of clients I am currently working with I may be open to come and help you get your home or business simplified and organized!
Here are a few details:

-My philosophy is to simplify as much as possible. This is going to be different for each person but I’ve found that when we simplify our homes, work, routines, budgets etc. we can focus on what really matters to us.  My clients have been amazed at how much time, money and sanity they save after they get rid of clutter and get things organized!

-I charge $50 per hour when it’s just me and an additional $30 per hour for each assistant I bring with me. (I’ve discovered that it is usually faster & cheaper for you in the long run when I bring assistants to help haul things around & such so I can work on the actual organizing but it depends on the type of organizing you need.)

I usually work in 4 hour sessions during the week days from 9am to 4pm. (Sometimes I can work out other times if needed.)

-Payment is due at the end of each organizing session either by check (please write it to “Simplify & Organize”) or I can send you an invoice so you can pay through debit or credit card. You can also send me the money through Venmo.

-Most rooms take about 6-8 hours of work on average to organize (this will obviously vary depending on how much stuff you have, the size of the room, if I have assistants etc.) rooms like offices and craft rooms with lots of paperwork and small items will probably take longer.

Some examples of services I offer are:

1-Walk through your home or office with you and give you ideas and suggestions on how to simplify, organize, use space better etc.

2-Complete a smaller project like organize and label your pantry to look great and work well for your household.

 3-Sort & declutter 1 or every room of your house or office with you

 4-Organize and label the spaces in each room to work for you and your family or workers.

5-Make you a customized monthly meal planning & grocery list that you can use over and over. (I teach classes on this and it has helped a lot of people eat better with less stress and money.)

6-Create a system for organizing and filing all paperwork in your home or office that works for you and your family or office staff and reduce the unwanted paperwork from coming in as much as possible.

7-Specific projects like: making the kitchen more “food making friendly”, creating systems for organizing kids’ toys and or art supplies, creating systems and organizing offices, hobby rooms and any other space that has things regularly coming in and out. Also, making a recipe binder to organize all of your recipes, create a digital photo storage organizing system etc.

8-Help you organize your computer files, emails etc.

9-If you’re building a new home or office I can consult with you and your builder on how to make small changes that will make a huge difference in how things run. (It’s amazing how many things are not planned out well!)

10-Feel free to ask about anything else not mentioned here that you would like help with!

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