My Food Philosophy (for me and my family)

1-Keep it simple! (big surprise there) No crazy fad diets or strict eating plans or avoiding entire food groups etc.

2- Make a meal plan so we can enjoy healthy, yummy, inexpensive meals that are easy to prepare and don’t stress me out.  If I want to I can go all out and make something extravagant (and I DO love to do that sometimes!)but those kinds of things won’t be on my go-to meal plan so they don’t become an excuse when I’m tired or sick to order pizza.

3-Eat real, unprocessed food.  And make it local and organic as much as I can. (I adore local farms! My favorite one in the Salt Lake area of Utah is Peterson Family Farm and on the leeward side of Oahu is Kahumana Farm.)

4-Make eating out a special occasion that doesn’t happen often and is somewhere we really love and enjoy.

5-Eat together as a family at home. the same meal (no “kids food”). at the same time. At the table with out TV.

6-Eat lots of whole grains, vegetables, fruit.  Eat some whole milk, cheese/dairy , eggs and fish.  And a little meat.  Mainly drink just water and lots of it.

7-Eat sweets and desserts sparingly and when you do eat them make sure they are amazing and don’t feel guilty!

8-Avoid fake food like: shortening, margarine, artificial sweeteners, fast food and most packaged food.

9-Completely avoid, alcohol, coffee, tea (except non-caffeinated types) and soda.  (I chose to do this for religious and health reasons)

10-Don’t let food control my life by over eating or always stressing about eating too much, losing weight etc. Enjoy it, be thankful for it and enjoy feeding others.



4 thoughts on “My Food Philosophy (for me and my family)

  1. becky wilson says:

    I Love what you have to say here. I think it makes a difference when you actually think about what you are feeding your family. Having said that, I know that I do better when I plan meals in advance, but often the execution is where I have trouble. Weekends can be a problem as well because it puts me off my weekday schedule. Like tonight, for instance we went to Costco and got a pizza!

  2. Plan To Make it Simple says:

    Weekends are hard for sure! I try to not be too hard on myself when things don’t go according to plan but make a better choice from then on because other wise I get discouraged and give up! I’m all for indulging once in awhile but I feel a lot less guilty if I’m doing it for a planned occasion and make room for it in the budget! I’m really trying hard not to feel guilty about food.

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