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When it comes to making life more simple I think you need to start with food!  How and what we’re eating makes such a big impact on our lives and cause a lot of stress if we don’t have a good system for menu planning, grocery shopping, cooking and eating.  It’s also really easy to fall into the modern trap of spending a lot of money for food that has little nutritional value and doesn’t really do anything for us.

I’ve spent a ridiculous amount of time reading about nutrition, cooking and various plans people use to feed themselves and their families (because I’m nerdy like that and it combines my two big loves of cooking and organization!)   I think a plan is really important but I don’t think it should be too difficult or it’s too easy to fall back into the “order a pizza trap” when you get off track!  So to start of with making food more simple I really think meal planning is key.

Some of you are superstar menu planners and some of you aren’t sure what that even is but hopefully we can all learn something to help us simplify the process.

My current system is working well for me and my family because:

1-I only go grocery shopping 2 times a month (1 main big trip at the beginning and a smaller trip in the middle of the month for more milk and produce.)

2-We save a lot of money when we follow this plan (we spend about $250 a month for our family of 4 the average American family spends about $600 or 3 times that amount!!)

3-It takes some time and effort to set up the monthly menu and grocery list but after that you can use them over and over again and just switch out a meal here or there as you like.

4-I don’t have to use coupons or drive to more than one store.

5-All my recipes are easy, take very little prep time and use mostly real, unprocessed foods.

6-Because I don’t use many processed foods I don’t need a ton of space to store my month supply of food.

7-It’s a very flexible system so everyone can adjust it to their own needs and taste.

…And with all that being said, I’m happy to announce that I am offering meal planning classes soon! (Currently these are only offered to those who live in my area but as requested, I’m working on an online version for those of you who don’t live close to me.)

This class is for all who are interested in:

-Eating healthier (I focus on “real” unprocessed food)

-Spending less money on groceries

-Only grocery shopping once or twice a month

-Planning out a monthly menu that you can use over and over and change up whenever you like

-Making a master grocery list where you highlight the items as they run out

-Being fed a yummy FREE lunch or dinner (depending on if you choose a morning/afternoon class or evening class)

The class will last 2 hours.  I will feed you a yummy meal (from the recipes I love and use for you to try out), provide you with lots of delicious, healthy, and simple to make recipes and then I will teach you how to put together your own monthly menu and a master grocery list and provide all of the materials needed. Classes where you learn lots of good information are great but sometimes it’s hard to find the time to ever put that info to use!  This class is hands on so you will leave all ready to start saving money, eating healthier and knowing exactly how to answer the question “what’s for dinner?”  

The cost of the class is $40.  Please bring cash or checks to the class or send me the money through Venmo or Paypal.  Checks should be made out to my business, “Simplify and Organize.”

Comments from someone who came to a previous class:  “Rachel, after going to your class last month we have been using the meal plan that I put together with you. My family loves the meals! I love that they are so simple and having it planned out takes out so much stress at night when I get home from work. I love that there are different ways to cook the meals so if I don’t have time to bake/crock pot, I can make the meal on the stove as well. I am amazed at how simple you have made things. I just put together my meal plan (just substituting a few meals and rearranging so we don’t have chicken every night) for next month and am actually looking forward to my shopping trip. Thank you so much for helping me to make meals more simple and easy! I’ve never enjoyed cooking, but now I feel empowered and confident that I can put a “good” meal on the table. This is great!!”

When: Wednesday, December 14th from 11am-1pm

Where: Riverton, UT

How do I sign up?: Email me at to register and ask any questions.


Let’s make a plan so feeding you and your family is simple!

My groceries for the month



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