Healthy No Bake Cookies (no sugar/sweetened with honey)

This is one of our favorite recipes and we usually end up making these at least once a week.  Since they are whole grain, don’t have any sugar and have good protein we eat them for snacks, dessert or even for breakfast sometimes!  Since I have blood sugar issues (hypoglycemia, dysautonomia) I need to eat something every few hours that has protein in it so I always have something in my purse and these work great.  (I also always keep a little container of almonds in my purse for the same reason so if you’re ever hungry, come find me and I’ll always have a little snack!)

Both of my girls are allergic to peanuts so I developed this recipe with almond butter (I’ll post the recipe for that soon!) but peanut butter, and really any nut butter, will work. Just be aware that peanut butter has more oil than almond butter so you may need to add a little more coconut or oats to get the right consistency.

No Bake Cookies

3/4 Cup Honey
3 Tbs baking cocoa (unsweetened)
1/3 Cup butter
2 Cups Oats (old fashioned, quick..any oats work)
1/3 Cup Coconut, unsweetened, dried, shredded (you can replace this with more oats if needed)
1/3 Cup Almond Butter (or any nut butter or sun butter)

 1-Put the first 3 ingredients in a sauce pan over medium high heat, stirring often until they are completed melted and mixed well together.

2-Turn off the heat and stir in the oats and then the almond butter.

3-Stir in the coconut until everything is well mixed.
4-Let the mixture cool in the pan for 10 minutes or so (you can move right on to the next step but this makes things easier if you can wait.)
5-Scoop small amounts of the mixture on wax paper or aluminum foil and let the cool.  (I use my measuring  tablespoon to scoop and it works great.)

*You can freeze or refrigerate the cookies in an airtight container and then take them out one at a time as you like.  I think I actually like them best chilled. I put them in layers with a piece of aluminum foil or wax paper in between.

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