Crustless Quiche for Breakfast or Dinner

3 cups shredded Cheddar cheese
3 cups shredded mozzarella cheese
1/3 cup sliced green onions
1/2 cup chopped green or sweet red pepper
3 tablespoons cream cheese
2 cups diced fully cooked ham (or cooked sausage or bacon)

8 eggs
1 3/4 cups milk
1/2 cup all-purpose flour
1/2 teaspoon dried basil
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/4 teaspoon pepper


1-Combine cheeses; place 3 cups in an ungreased 13-in. x 9-in. x 2-in. baking dish and set aside the other 3 cups. 
2-Cut up cream cheese into small pieces and sprinkle with sliced green onions and pepper over cheese; top with ham. 
3-Sprinkle with remaining cheese. 
4-In a bowl, beat eggs. Add milk, flour, basil, salt and pepper; mix well. Slowly pour over the cheese. 5-Bake at 350 degrees F for 35-40 minutes or until a knife inserted near the center comes out clean. Let stand 10 minutes before cutting.

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