Barbecue Chicken and Potatoes

This one is so easy and basic it doesn’t really require a recipe but I’ve been requested to put it on the blog so readers can keep track of the groceries needed for this meal for their monthly meal plan.
1.5 lbs or 5 chicken thighs, boneless skinless (can be frozen or not, can use any chicken) I like these
½ to 1 cup Bottled BBQ sauce (I like Sweet Baby Ray’s)
5 potatoes
1-Wash the potatoes, poke them with a fork and set them on the middle rack in the oven.  Turn the oven to 350 degrees.
2-Place the chicken in a 9×13” pan and pour the BBQ sauce over the top.  Place the pan next to the potatoes in the oven.
3-Bake for 30 minutes if chicken is not frozen and potatoes are smaller, or up to 60 minutes if chicken is frozen and potatoes are larger. (If you’re doing larger potatoes with non frozen chicken you can microwave the potatoes for 3-6 minutes and then put them in the oven to finish baking.)
*You can also make the chicken in the crock pot by putting in the chicken, pouring on the sauce and cooking on low for 6 to 8 hours or high for 3 to 5.
BBQ chicken thigh (boneless, skinless) with baked potato, steamed broccoli & baked sweet potato

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