Life can be really complicated, especially in today’s crazy world, but since I like to keep things simple, I started this blog as a place to share the tips and tricks I use to keep food, health, money and home organization more simple.  After all, as Leonardo da Vinci says, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” and I tend to agree!

Why am I so passionate about keeping things simple?  Several reasons:

1-Keeping things more simple usually means less stress, less money and being able to spend my time and energy doing what I want to do, not just surviving life. We all have different things we love and I hope to be able to help you spend more time doing whatever makes you the happiest.

2-I have a chronic illness called Dysautonomia which means that I have limited energy and have to chose carefully what to spend it on.  Planning to keep things simple helps me to spend more time doing what I love and really care about and less time doing things like the laundry!

3-I have moved my family over seas twice in the space of 1 year.  This required that we sell or give away everything we couldn’t fit in our suitcases not once but twice!  If that doesn’t force you to purge and prioritize, nothing will!  I really learned that “things” aren’t important and it’s actually quite awesome and freeing to get down to the basics.  I challenge you to think of what things you would keep if you had to get rid of everything that didn’t fit into a few suitcases.

4-I’m a neat freak and although my home isn’t always spotless, I’m much happier when everything has a place and things are neat and tidy.  The less stuff you have the easier this is!

I think the best place to start simplifying your life is with food.  If you’re not eating well, not staying under your food budget and spending way too much time and stress trying to figure out what you’re going to eat for dinner, you need to make a plan!  Stop by my meal planning  page to see what meal plan works for me and maybe sign up for one of my meal planning classes (working on an online version for those not in my area!) if that looks like something helpful for you.

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Thanks for stopping by!  I hope I can help you simplify your life and home.

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    • Plan To Make it Simple says:

      I will be scheduling the class soon and it will be in the next 2 weeks. It’s looking like a Saturday morning/noonish class and maybe a Wednesday or Thursday night one too. Would either of those times work for you? I’ll be sure to send you an email with all of the details. Thanks!

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