My name is Rachel and I’m a professional organizer and owner of the business Reclaim the Room (formerly Simplify & Organize). My team and I  help people declutter and organize their homes and offices and make room for what really matters to them. I love what I do and what a huge positive impact being organized makes on people’s lives!

If you are feeling overwhelmed and weighed down by your physical possessions or feel your home or office aren’t running as smoothly as they could, send me a message and we’ll make a plan to get you organized! There is no need to live that way! Clear out the stuff and make room for the joy.

Visit our new website for more details about our services! www.reclaimtheroom.com

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    • Plan To Make it Simple says:

      I will be scheduling the class soon and it will be in the next 2 weeks. It’s looking like a Saturday morning/noonish class and maybe a Wednesday or Thursday night one too. Would either of those times work for you? I’ll be sure to send you an email with all of the details. Thanks!

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